Libraries sustain our communities and institutions.


The American Library Association represents the thousands of libraries and library workers
who contribute so greatly to the communities we live in, and to the schools and other institutions in which we research, study, learn, and create.

I'm Peter Hepburn, and I ask for your vote for the 2019-2020 presidency of ALA.

It is an honor to be nominated to stand for election to the presidency of the American Library Association. The President of the American Library Association is the public face for the association, visible to members and to those outside of the organization, the voice for us on many matters, and the leader in ensuring the stability of association governance. 

ALA - round tables, divisions, committees, and other working groups - has been my professional home since 2000.  I have been deeply involved in many parts of ALA, and I want the opportunity to contribute to our association at the highest level. I believe that my knowledge of ALA and my experience in multiple areas of the association position me to provide sound leadership and good governance.  I would be privileged to serve our members and to work on behalf of our libraries and library users.